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To build true relationships among girls as well as between girls and the facilitators. This is also the basic method of work. The facilitators adapt the program to the needs of the group. It is important for us to develop a sense of belonging to the group, shared responsibility towards each other and towards the group.


Be part of our workshops, learn by through experiential exercises, and acquire new skills through play, laughter and the exchange with others. We offer a safe space in which you can explore a somewhat different way of communication as well as get to know yourself better with the support of the trainers and the rest of the group.  The concept of the workshops is an easy way of learning for all generations.


Through the project “Together” we work on empowering and educating a group of 14 women so that through newly acquired knowledge and belief in their gifts and abilities they can join the Superwoman project and become mentors and leaders of groups for empowering young girls.

A part of our projects is financed through donations from our partner “Die Schwelle”, a foundation from Germany.

The Women’s Ecumenical Initiative (WEI) is a Croatian non-profit organisation that through its financial support program supports projects and development of basic organisations run by women and theologians in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. WEI is committed to strengthening the role of women in strengthening civil and inter-religious dialogue and the potential of religion as a positive factor in social change through peace-building and reconciliation. Given its regional profile, WEI provides activists within their network with the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences in order to increase the visibility of their work and greater opportunities for access to resources.