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Be part of our workshops, learn by through experiential exercises, and acquire new skills through play, laughter and the exchange with others. We offer a safe space in which you can explore a somewhat different way of communication as well as get to know yourself better with the support of the trainers and the rest of the group.  The concept of the workshops is an easy way of learning for all generations.

Counselling and Support

In relationships we can encounter knots that we do not know how to untangle. We find words used by the other person or people difficult to handle and we have the impression of not being heard. In these cases, a neutral person can help through listening, asking the right questions and creating a safe space for all sides involved. A mediation that helps people to hear each other opens a creative space for many solutions.


Life offers us different challenges. Within these challenges we sometimes end up in a vicious circle looking for an exit. Our behaviour, unclear emotions and confused thoughts make it hard to exit this spiral of repetition, sadness, anger… A nondirective counselling approach empowers you to better know yourself, go deeper into the problem and find a path that leads you towards a solution.

A part of our projects is financed through donations from our partner “Die Schwelle”, a foundation from Germany.