About Us

INTERO CENTER is an association for education, counseling and non-violent action. The goal of the association is to work for the common good, and in accordance with the values of non-violence, equality, solidarity and equal opportunities.

The entire work of Intero Center is based on the principles of non-violent communication and empathic listening by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

We work in small groups, individually and in other ways that we consider valuable for communicating our values with the public.

NeprocjenjivA Neda

Neda Popović

Trainer and Counselor
After studying theology, she got trained in imago therapy, family therapy, coping with stress and trauma, and non-violent communication. She is currently intensively educating himself in the field of 5 Rhythms - a therapeutic dance.
NeprocjenjivA Mihael

Mihael Sečen

Trainer and mediator
After studying theology, with a teaching major, he attended non-violent communication, action and conflict transformation trainings. Later he became a trainer for nonviolent communication, nonviolent action and a mediatior based on the methods by Marshall B. Rosenberg.