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This is a podcast about feelings, needs, relationships and behaviours that help us and/or limit us. Sonosound is a podcast about different current topics that concern us as people, the relationship towards ourselves and others. Each of these topics will be sharing my reflection and experience but will also look into theories of nonviolence and scientific research in psychology, sociology and other relevant science branches. Though I live in Croatia, I will try to make the content interesting to all.

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2. Why Trust?

Trust. A topic that is of great importance in every aspect of human interaction. It is important in our private life, but also professional. In this episode, I’m giving a short overview of trust (at least I tried to keep it short). I didn’t just want to stick to learning about trust, but also take a look at what we could do if we want to work on trust. What we can do if we identify distrust towards another person or towards us.

The Social Dynamics of Trust: Theoretical and Empirical Research, 1985 – 2012, J. David Lewis, Andrew J. Weigert;
Trust and Antitrust, Annette Baier;
Trust as a Social Reality, J. David Lewis, Andrew Weigert;
John Gottman, The Science of Trust;
Frances Frei, How to build (and rebuild) trust – TED talk;

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1. What is it all about?!

This is an introductory episode where you can learn a little about me and what this Podcast is about. I’m giving you a short look into why I decided to start this podcast and how I’m planning to go about the topics that I decide to cover. If you want to be informed about new episodes when those are published. 


Heart Beat Sound, Recorded by Zarabadeu

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