Project "TOGETHER"

Through the project “Together” we work on empowering and educating a group of 14 women so that through newly acquired knowledge and belief in their gifts and abilities they can join the Superwoman project and become mentors and leaders of groups for empowering young girls. The project “Together” will take place in three phases:

1. Recognizing and inviting women to participate in the project, followed by the initial presentation of the project. This part of the project is taking place in Šibenik, Legrad and Rijeka.

2. Joint educational weekend in Samobor.

3. Monitoring women in their progress in local communities, additional education and mentoring, exchange of experiences.

The idea for this project came very organically because through the work on the already mentioned project Superwoman (hereinafter SW) we realized that the volunteers themselves need education, support and development. Although these are women who decided to contact and cooperate with us, during the implementation of the project they showed insecurity in the use of their own gifts, as well as the need for a group / person to support them, educate them and the like. We have noticed that many of them are dissatisfied with their current status in life, often with their job, which too often does not meet their need for meaning. Many gifts that women have remain undiscovered or unused and often women at a young age think it is too late for them, too late for any change, additional education and / or the like. This leads to a significant decline in quality of life and a permanent increase in dissatisfaction that can, and often does, lead to depression, passive or active aggression and the like. We will encourage women to recognize their capacities and support them to use them in their own lives but also through socially useful work. This will give them the necessary meaning and impetus for growth and progress. Through the project “Together”, in a Group of Women, they will receive support and the necessary empowerment and education: on leading small groups, creative approach to youth work, empathic listening, non-violent communication and content that proves necessary during this process.

This project is financed by:

The Women’s Ecumenical Initiative (WEI) is a Croatian non-profit organisation that through its financial support program supports projects and development of basic organisations run by women and theologians in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. WEI is committed to strengthening the role of women in strengthening civil and inter-religious dialogue and the potential of religion as a positive factor in social change through peace-building and reconciliation. Given its regional profile, WEI provides activists within their network with the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences in order to increase the visibility of their work and greater opportunities for access to resources.