The program is designed for girls aged 12-18. This age group is particularly vulnerable due to the developmental stage in which they are. The negative influence of the Internet, social media, and stereotypical role models has been noted, eg looking / behaving like a model, actress, singer, etc.

Increased problems with mental health, depression, eating disorders and decreased self-esteem have been reported. Girls often feel insecure and unconnected with their family. Rejection within the peer group is common. It is in this period that the search for a clearer identity begins through questions like: Who am I? What can I be? What do I really want?

One of the goals of the project is to build true relationships among girls as well as between girls and the facilitators. This is also the basic method of work. The facilitators adapt the program to the needs of the group. It is important for us to develop a sense of belonging to the group, shared responsibility towards each other and towards the group.

The group is always led by two women and their goals, methods and approach must be in harmony.

The program structure of the project consists of 4 basic themes that extend through one school year, and they are: SELF-IMAGE, SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT, TALENTS AND SOCIETY, BODY AND SEXUALITY. What we want to achieve through this work is a healthy view on all the above.

Each meeting consists of several parts, which are:  

  1. games – which serve to bring the group together, introduce the topic of the work or complete the whole process so that the girls leave strong and in a good mood.
  2. one creative and interactive activity – which can be, for example, making cakes or sweets, hairstyles, jewelry, etc.
  3. topics – which is carried out in groups through various interactive and creative exercises and workshops, eg creating a family tree through which girls can talk about their family and their role in it or an exercise in which they can get to know their own mental or physical strengths.

The role of the facilitator is first of all to listen to and empower the girls as well as to recognise a problem, if there is one, and to deal with it. Extremely important within Superwoman’s work is that the facilitators are open to hearing everyone’s story, that they are not trying to correct or change it, but to support and empower the person. So one of the goals of Superwoman’s work is to teach girls to accept those who are different from themselves, not to make fun of and not to abuse those who are different and so on. At the same time, it is important that those girls among them, who are different, are accepted.

The facilitators are volunteers and all materials are prepared in advance and will be given for use after the training and with the agreement of responsible use of the materials.

The Superwoman project is entirely designed and owned by YFC Netherlands and is implemented in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, etc.

These materials do not contain any religious content and as such are suitable for general use. In the Netherlands, this project is also supported by the Dutch government.

YFC Netherlands has granted the rights to translate and use the materials to YFC Croatia who hold the rights to the translated and adjusted materials.