You are in the middle of a misunderstanding or conflict and want to…


  • in situations of misunderstandings / conflicts where you are turned against each other you want to move towards a joint resolution?
  • support in resolving your misunderstanding / conflict?
  • come up with a solution that is satisfactory for both parties?

If you recognise yourself in these questions, the possibility offered to you is mediation in a misunderstanding / conflict through the effective accompaniment of a mediator.

“We found simple solutions to something we thought complicated.”
Married couple

What can you get out of a mediation?

Intero ključ
  • You will get to know the needs behind the positions in the conflict.
  • You will find new solutions that meet the needs of the conflicting parties.
  • You will be able to cooperate with each other while having a misunderstanding / conflict.

What is happening wihtin a mediation?

The role of the mediator in a mediation is to lead you to a conversation on the topic of the misunderstanding/conflict, a conversation that was difficult or not possible until then.

In the process, all views, interests, ideas and feelings are equally being heard and recognized.

This allows, among other things, the needs to be identified that are hidden beneath the injuries and in this way, step by step, mutual understanding is reached.

The mediator’s attitude of impartiality creates a safe space where all this is possible.

When the needs and what is important to each party are named, we move on to a joint search for possible solutions.
A mediation is being ended by an agreement or conclusion that all present sides confirm.

“The mediation helped us find the real source of dissatisfaction. Through this, we were able to focus on the real cause of the misunderstanding and find solutions that satisfy both of us.”

In what misunderstandings or conflicts can a mediation help?

A mediation can help in all misunderstandings, conflicts and issues where people cannot agree with each other.

This may be related to the following topics:

  • quarrels and disagreements of couples (division of jobs and responsibilities, upbringing, relationship, communication, etc.);
  • conflicts or quarrels with neighbors (conflicts over borders, noise, pets, etc.);
  • conflicts and disagreements within families (conflict between older and younger generations, parents and teenagers, siblings, etc.);
  • conflicts between co-workers and the boss (division of labor, disagreements in co-operation, etc.);
  • conflicts over inheritance; etc.

A mediation can be conducted in between two or more persons.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.

The mediation process on one topic takes about 2 to several hours, depending on the size of the group.

The price is according to the agreement we make, where we take into account both your and our needs.