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Sonosound: 4 & 5 Fake or True?!

We are surrounded by fake news and conspiracy theories. How can we figure out what is true and what is false? Although there is not an easy answer because even fake news and conspiracies contain some truth, there are guidelines that can help us in checking the facts. Researching this phenomenon, I came across some guidelines that I decided to share with you.

Addition to the podcest number 4, Fake or True?!


Cut and Run by Kevin MacLeod

Izvori za daljnje istraživanje:

Mike McHargue
The Cozy Robot Show – podcaster koji govori o ovome što sam pričao i koji je uvelike inspirirao ovaj podcast.

Deutsche Welle – lista smjernica za provjeravanje lažnih vijesti:

Članak o tome kako prepoznati teoriju zavjere

Priručnik za novinare vezano uz provjeravanje vijesti/činjenica:

Provjerene činjenice na istoj stranici:

Provjera vijesti:

O Rolandu Imhoffu

Druge stranice za provjeru vijesti:

France 24 provjera vijesti:


Cut and Run by Kevin MacLeod

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