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A prayer for peace in the spirit of Asisi

Intero center was part of creating and executing the program for “A Prayer for Peace in the spirit of Asisi” in Berak near Vukovar. The project lead for many years by Dragica Aleksa with the help of volunteers gathers believers of different Christian denomination and the Muslim community. The aim is to bring a message of peace and coexistence of different nations and faiths to a place where half of the population was killed and placed into mass graves.

This year the prayer started with a quiet walk through the place and reading prayers written by Neda Popović. We were especially touched by a participant’s story who mentioned that she took the exact same route while she was fleeing during the war. She shared how this prayer helps her to heal the wounds of the war memories.

After the prayer the believers met for the interreligious prayer for peace. We were looking for peace while reading prayers and listening to songs from different traditions. We wish that this project would prevail and contribute towards healing the wounds of people from that area and wider.

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